Star A Plus

Dp :1125/-

It contain antioxidant, anti-inlammatory, and anticarcinogenic effects, Enhance brain function, Reduces constipation and boost gastrointestinal system, increase appetite and improve digestion, Reduce cancer, Helpful in Respiratory distress, Helpful in arthritis pain, Support Blood Circulation, Balance body pH level, Boost energy and immunity, Improve men fertility and libido, Helpful in woman sexual health, Lowers blood sugar levels and improve pancreatic conditions, Reducing the damaging effects of LDL cholesterol, Protects the eye, Effective for erectile dysfunction.

Star Dia Care

Dp :540/-

Help to improve in diabetic disorders. Helps in balancing blood sugar level . Keeps digestion system healthy.

Star Lady Care

Dp :563/-

Leucorrhoea of the reproductive organs of women. If not treated properly in the initial stages, it may become chronic. Star Lady Care is a perfect combination of pure herbs renowned for treating Leucorrhoea & this may be the best blend for Leucorrhoea with virtually no side effects.